The purpose of this survey is to hear how you currently use the Anacostia River for recreation and how you would like to use it in the future. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.  It should take approximately 5-7 minutes.

This survey is part of the Anacostia River Sediment Project (ARSP). The ARSP is a plan to determine the type and location of contamination in the Anacostia River, evaluate any potential for human health and ecological risks, study the best method(s) to clean up the river, present a proposed cleanup approach for public comment, and make a final decision on the best cleanup method(s).

The ARSP is being led by the District Department of Energy and Environment and the National Park Service. Learn more about the ARSP at

PLEASE NOTE: Although water quality in the Anacostia River is improving, it is currently prohibited to swim in the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers and Rock Creek in the District of Columbia. There is also a Fish Consumption Advisory currently in effect.

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