AMP Interest Application

The Connecticut Healthy Living Collective invites eligible organizations to participate in a statewide initiative, funded by the Anthem Foundation, to implement the Aging Mastery Program.  Please review the Request for Applications for program description and requirements. To apply for consideration, please complete and submit this application.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the following information.

Question Title

* 2. Briefly describe your site's capacity to recruit people to participate in this program, including how many people you anticipate in each class.

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* 3. Which terms do you anticipate that you will offer the program?

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* 4. The core Aging Mastery Program offers classes on ten different topics (see chart below).  Tell us about programs that you currently offer that are related to any of these topics.  NCOA will provide the curriculum, but we want to understand your center's experience and capacity to deliver classes covering these topics.  How will you recruit speakers for these topics?
a.     Navigating Longer Lives

b.     Exercise and You

c.     Sleep

d.     Healthy Eating and Hydration

e.     Financial Fitness

f.      Medication Management

g.     Advance Planning

h.     Healthy Relationships

i.       Falls Prevention

j.       Community Engagement

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* 5. Please list the name and title of the people who will be the Leaders/Facilitators in leading the weekly Aging Mastery Program and supporting participation?

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* 6. Please describe the proposed leader(s) experience with group facilitation.  What are some of the other programs the proposed leaders have been involved with that are similar and/or relevant to the Aging Mastery Program?

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* 7. How will you cover the costs of the program?  What sustainability strategies might you use to cover the program costs once this initiative ends?

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* 8. Where will you offer the Aging Mastery Program?  Briefly describe the capacity of the site.