The Art Museum of Kangaroo Island is proposed as a regional gallery that would attract new visitors to KI and reward all visitors with a richer KI cultural experience. It is intended to promote the art and artists of KI to the world and bring the world’s artists to Kangaroo Island. The Art Museum could be a catalyst for the social and economic recovery of the island, particularly as it would add the cultural and winter experiences that tourists say are lacking on the island.

The preferred site, Captain Morgan Park, lies to the west of Flagstaff Hill and north of Kingscote’s helicopter landing pad. It is Crown land dedicated for scenic purposes. We believe this development would help enliven Kingscote, and create a cultural and entertainment space for visitors and the community, which honours the ‘scenic purposes’ dedication.

If we have community support and proceed, your answers will help us attract approvals and funds for the project. The bulk of funds for the gallery, which would cost, at a maximum, $16 million to build and approximately $1.1 million/year to operate (but probably less), would be sourced from government infrastructure, tourism and cultural funds, and from philanthropic and sponsorship sources. We will not be asking Kangaroo Island Council for project funds. 

The group proposing the Art Museum of Kangaroo Island is asking what you think about the project and its location near Kingscote through this survey. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

As well as your answers, we welcome other ideas and your concerns. There is space at the end of the survey for you to add any other thoughts.