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Increases in population, disposable income and urbanization are driving an unprecedented rise in demand for foods of animal origin. Apart from stretching the capacity of livestock production and distribution systems, these developments will also impact on countries’ feed demand.

In the framework of the G20's Agricultural Market Information System, this survey tries to assess current patterns of feed consumption, and identify key factors that will drive future developments. Results of this project will improve knowledge on crop utilization, and support high-quality and timely cereal balance sheets. Specifically, the survey aims to:

  1. Take stock of existing data sources on feed utilization; 
  2. Better understand the process for generating feed estimates in different countries; and
  3. Identify information gaps and weaknesses in national data systems.
You are invited to participate in this survey as a livestock and feed expert. Please take 15-20 minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire. Your answers will be instrumental to improve knowledge on national feed systems. Thank you for your participation!