Amherst College is conducting an external review of its efforts to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based harassment and violence. The College has engaged Gina Smith and Leslie Gomez of Cozen O’Connor, nationally known Title IX counsel with expertise in the field, to conduct the review, which will include an assessment of the College’s education and prevention programs, campus resources, reporting and investigation procedures, and Title IX policies and procedures. As part of the review, Gina and Leslie are working with a national expert in campus violence prevention. The College also hopes to gather information and insights into campus climate and the cultural factors that affect our community’s experiences with and response to sexual misconduct.
This online form, created by Cozen O’Connor, allows you to share your observations, feedback, and opinions on these important issues anonymously. Your responses will only be viewable by Cozen O’Connor and no personally-identifying information is captured unless you manually share it at the conclusion of the survey. Participation is voluntary and you are not required to answer each of the questions to progress to the next screen.
Cozen O’Connor will identify themes and share feedback with the College and the College community in an aggregate manner that protects any personally identifiable information shared on the form. If you prefer, you may also directly contact Leslie Gomez at or 215-665-5546, or Gina Smith at or 215-665-5540. You also have the opportunity at the end of the form to request a follow-up telephone call, Zoom meeting, or in-person meeting.
This form is not meant to serve as a place to report sexual misconduct for which you are seeking supportive measures or an investigation under the College’s Title IX policies. To report an incident of harassment, discrimination or retaliation related to sexual or gender-based harassment or violence, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking:
● Contact Title IX Coordinator Laurie Frankl by email, telephone (413) 542-5707, or in person at 105 Converse Hall.
● Use the College’s online report to the Title IX office.

● Make an anonymous report.

● Contact Title IX Deputy Coordinators:
        Angie Tissi-Gassoway (students) at 413-542-5114
        Dean Gendron (students and visitors) at 413-542-2337
        Maria Rello (athletes) at 413-542-8467
        Chris Casey (staff, administration, and visitors) at 413-542-2372
        Catherine Epstein (faculty) at 413-542-2334

● Contact law enforcement for assistance in filing a criminal
complaint and preserving physical evidence:
       Dial 911
       Amherst College Police Department, 413-542-2111
       Amherst (Town) Police, 413-259-3000