* 1. Who is completing this Survey?

AMCHAM would like to learn more about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities within our membership so that we can support your efforts and help to deepen the impact.  We are also designing a new CSR initiative and need your input.  Thank you for your time in completing this short survey.

* 2. Does your organization have any CSR programs?

* 3. Tell us about your CSR activities. In what areas do you deploy your CSR programs?
Please provide some details on how, with whom, etc.

* 4. How would you classify the balance/ratio of your CSR activity? (please balance to reflect 100% total) 

  0-20% 21-40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100%
Philanthropy (giving) / Financial Support
Employee Volunteerism

* 5. What is/are the main driver(s) of your CSR programming? Check all that apply.