Art Masterpiece Lesson Outline

Thank you for your interest in sharing a project during Art Masterpiece Bootcamp on Saturday, October 21.


1. Lessons should be based on an object from Phoenix Art Museum's Collection, from an artist with work in the Museum's collection, or inspired by a special exhibition (visit our online gallery here: or email to confirm object is part of the Museum's collection).

2. Complete this lesson outline.
3. If you haven't already, register to attend Art Masterpiece Boot Camp 2017 (October 21) by visiting

4. On the day of Art Masterpiece Boot Camp, bring an example of your completed project.

5. The Museum will provide a table to display your project example, a printed color reproduction of the artwork your project is based on and printed copies of your lesson to share with event attendees. You will be given credit for your lesson.
Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with other Art Masterpiece presenters!

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* 4. Title of art your lesson is based upon:

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* 6. What grade(s) is this project appropriate for:

(optional) How do you encourage students to look closely at this work of art? (Examples may include: asking an open-ended question, having students imagine what happened immediately before or after this scene, ask students to describe the mood , ...).

(optional) How do you engage students in a conversation about this work of art? Examples may include connecting art with classroom curriculum, asking thought-provoking questions, telling students an interesting fact, relating the work of art to something that is familiar to students, etc.

Provide a short description of the activity related to this work of art.

* 10. Provide clear, step by step instructions so that another educator could reproduce this activity:

* 11. What supplies or materials are required?

* 13. What is the objective for students completing this activity (what do you most hope they learn from the process)?

* 14. AGREEMENT: Please click the "I agree" box to indicate agreement. Contact with any questions.

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I will bring an example of the completed project for display during Art Masterpiece Bootcamp.
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