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AMA Class C Referee Training is the foundation of the AMA's referee training program. Class C training covers general rules for MX, Track and Off-Road racing. To begin, make sure you have a current copy of the AMA Rulebook and download the study guide to review (once it opens, make sure you save it to your computer for reference later), and then take the online test. If you pass, you'll receive an AMA Class C Referee certificate.
An active AMA Membership is required to be an AMA Referee. Visit www.americanmotorcyclist.com to get your membership.

The purpose of this exam is to cover the basic Referee knowledge areas for referring AMA Sanctioned races. A passing score is 75% (19 out of 25 questions).

Please enter your contact information as well as your AMA #. This information is required for our Test Administrator to identify who you are as well as send certificates to you upon passing.

If you need assistance or have questions while taking this test, please contact: Melody Tucker at 614-856-1900 x1287 or mtucker@ama-cycle.org

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1) The claiming price for a 251cc to 504cc motorcycle in dirt track, short track, and TT scrambles is:

2) All liquid-cooled engines must have a radiator vent hose routed to a heat-resistant catch can of at least:

3) If a rider stops for any reason during the event, he/she must restart:

4) In Youth classes: For Ice Race, dirt track and TT scrambles, including DTX classes, the maximum size for the rear tire is:

5) In Hillclimb, the minimum width of the hill shall be:

6) Land Speed racing is a contest of speed from a rolling start to a finish line over a measured distance of:

7) In Supermoto, race direction is always counter-clockwise:

8) A yellow flag with three red stripes indicates:

9) If a rider’s machine becomes disabled and cannot continue the meet, the rider:

10) All gas tanks must have a capacity of between 1.32 gallons and 6.34 gallons with the exception of:

11) In DTX classes the following can’t be changed or modified:

12) In DTX classes, OEM front and rear suspension may be altered with internal modifications only:

13) For an ATV to be legal for the production class, the following can’t be changed:

14) The claiming fee for an ATV at an AMA sanctioned meet is:

15) To compete in an ATV youth class, an AMA member must be no younger than ____ and no older than ____.

16) The current cost of an AMA membership is:

17) A second violation of the DTX class rules will warrant a:

18) The frame used by a rider to qualify may:

19) In TT Scrambles competition, motorcycles _____ be equipped with a front brake in addition to a rear brake:

20) Should a race be stopped but not completed, riders must return to:

21) In dirt track, short track, TT scrambles and ice race, a rolling restart is never allowed:

22) The final results posted at the end of the 30-minute protest period may not be altered except by __________.

23) Using this formula V=B2(.7854)(h); B is bore and h is stroke. (Bore X Bore X 0.7854 X stroke X number of cylinders.) What is the volume of a single cylinder with a bore of 78mm and a stroke of 52.3mm?

24) Control levers must have ball ends of ________ diameter.

25) Who may file a Protest in an event?