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AMA Class B Referee Training is a continuation of the AMA's referee training program. If you have successfully completed the Class C Referee exam, this is the next step. Class B training is discipline specific for MX, Track and Off-Road racing. To begin, make sure you have a current copy of the AMA Rulebook and download the study guide for your discipline to review (once it opens, make sure you save it to your computer for reference later), and then take the corresponding online test. If you pass, you'll receive an AMA Class B Referee certificate for that discipline.
An active AMA Membership is required to be an AMA Referee. Visit www.americanmotorcyclist.com to get your membership.

The purpose of this exam is to cover the basic Referee knowledge areas for referring AMA Sanctioned races. A passing score is 75% (19 out of 25 questions).

Please enter your contact information as well as your AMA #. This information is required for our Test Administrator to identify who you are as well as send certificates to you upon passing.

If you need assistance or have questions while taking this test, please contact: Melody Tucker at 614-856-1900 x1287 or mtucker@ama-cycle.org

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1) At what age can a rider be advanced to the “A” class?

2) Using this formula V=B2(.7854)(h); B is bore and (h) is stroke. (Bore X Bore X 0.7854 X stroke X number of cylinders.) What is the volume of a single cylinder with a bore of 78mm and a stroke of 52.3mm?

3) Control levers must have ball ends of_________ diameter.

4) Gas tank capacity must not exceed _________.

5) ATV’s must have a functional mechanical kill switch tethered to the rider.

6) If a rider refuses to turn over their machine to the Referee for inspection and measurement, they are

7) In contests of speed, riders may wear full face and open face helmets.

8) At a meet, when is it allowed to combine classes?

9) A rider who helps to lay out a Hare Scrambles course for may compete in the meet if he starts at the back of the field.

10) In an Enduro meet, who is responsible for making sure their timecard/scorecard is marked at all time checks?

11) A race is over when:

12) If an engine is found to exceed the maximum capacity of the class in which it was entered, the rider will be ____________________.

13) During a 110 mile Hare and Hound meet, how many checkpoints with gas must there be?

14) Who may file a Protest?

15) In speed oriented meets, a first-aid facility staffed by a medic may be used instead of an ambulance.

16) In a Hare and Hound meet utilizing two loops, what is the minimum mileage of each loop?

17) In an enduro, emergency checks are used to break ties. How many emergency checks are required in an enduro?

18) Enduro emergency check timing, calculate the emergency points lost. Riders due minute: 10:31; Arrived: 10:33:12; Regular points lost: 2; Emergency Points Lost _______

19) In a Hare Scrambles meet a rider must complete how many laps to be considered a finisher?

20) In enduro, hare scrambles and hare and hound meets, a rider may practice ride and survey the course at any time before the start of the race.

21) In Trials competition, Section Boundaries shall be bounded by natural obstacles and visible waterproof tape. What are the minimum and maximum heights of the tape?

22) In a Trials section, it is permitted to move rocks and other natural obstacles to give a rider a better position or advantage within the section.

23) The definition of a Failure in Trials is defined by any one of the following: (which one is not correct?)

24) In Hare Scrambles practice, motorcycles and ATV’s may be on the same course at the same time.

25) The final results posted at the end of the 30-minute protest period may not be altered, except by __________.