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AMA Class B Referee Training is a continuation of the AMA's referee training program. If you have successfully completed the Class C Referee exam, this is the next step. Class B training is discipline specific for MX, Track and Off-Road racing. To begin, make sure you have a current copy of the AMA Rulebook and download the study guide for your discipline to review (once it opens, make sure you save it to your computer for reference later), and then take the corresponding online test. If you pass, you'll receive an AMA Class B Referee certificate for that discipline.

The purpose of this exam is to cover the core Class B Motocross Referee knowledge areas for referring AMA Sanctioned races. A passing score is 75% (19 out of 25 questions).

Please enter your contact information as well as your AMA #. This information is required for our Test Administrator to identify who you are as well as send certificates to you upon passing.

If you need assistance or have questions while taking this test, please contact: Melody Tucker at 614-856-1900 x1287 or mtucker@ama-cycle.org

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1) Which is not required to homologate a 0-114cc Limited class machine:

2) How many advancement points are awarded to a rider that finished 6th with 37 riders in the class?

3) Between what dates are advancement points used toward the advancement of a youth rider?

4) Three-quarter length sleeves on racing jerseys are permitted.

5) ATV’s must have a functional mechanical kill switch tethered to the rider.

6) In the event a race is stopped with more than 50% complete but less than 60% the race is:

7) The results may be changed after the 30 minutes protest period is over only by the:

8) An appeal must be submitted within:

9) The penalty for a second violation of the limited equipment rule is:

10) If a rider is riding in the wrong class the referee should:

11) A rider that jumped the starting gate shall be penalized:

12) Who can establish a rider’s classification if the AMA has not established it?

13) Fighting is an automatic one year suspension.

14) Who may file a Protest?

15) Youth advancement points are issued for riders in classes between the ages of:

16) The minimum RPV (Rider Performance Value) for advancement of riders from the C class that raced prior to the past two seasons in the C class is:

17) When a claiming protest is filed the referee must provide how much additional protest time to the protest period to allow for counterclaims?

18) Grooming is allowed in front of the gate only when the rut is crooked:

19) A promoter does not have to run all AMA classes and may run additional classes as long as they run what has been advertised and preapproved by the AMA.

20) Retro-fitted 12 inch wheels may be used in class two, Limited Peewee Sr. (7-8) class:

21) An aftermarket exhaust may be used in the limited class:

22) An 85cc small wheel can race in the 125cc 2-stroke motorcycle class:

23) Modified motorcycles and ATVs need to be homologated every year.

24) Riders my jump and pass on a stationary yellow flag so long as the downed rider has been moved away from the track.

25) In ATV Motocross, an ATV must be homologated to race in the Production class.