Welcome to EAP's Alumni Survey

Hello! We're so happy you're filling out this survey. We really want to keep in touch with our alumni, so thank you!
note: If you're not EAP Alum and are trying to apply for Cohort X as a Fellow, you can apply here: http://bit.ly/FellowshipXapp

This is the time of year we take stock in our network of arts and culture workers to better understand both your needs and our role in supporting those needs.

Also, it's 2019! That means EAP is celebrating 10 years of network building with arts and culture workers across the Bay Area. That's an entire decade! And in addition to feeling reminiscent, we're also looking forward to a unique Fellowship curriculum for Cohort X focused on mentorship and co-learning between alumni, veterans to our network, and our new fellows.

One of our hopes for this survey is that we will get a more thorough perspective on how to best connect/reconnect our alumni, support your work, and hold space for development.

The other hope is that you will apply to be a Cohort X fellow/mentor in our mini-application below. For those of you who do, we'll follow up with more information, as well.

Also, we know this looks like a bit of a long survey, but most questions are optional. We hope you will take 10 to 20 minutes to fill out as much as you have time for, to help us get a better snapshot of where we all are together.

With gratitude,
Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, Director
Jevohn T. Newsome, Storyteller/Network Coordinator