The Alumni Job Club is a program that was started about a year ago to assist Cleveland State alumni with the job search. The program is looking to expand in the upcoming year and your participation in this survey will assist us to ensure that we provide career programming and services that are of value to you and suit your needs.

Thank you in advance for participating in the Alumni Job Club Survey and we look forward to your continued support of Cleveland State University.

* 1. Have you attended an Alumni Job Club meeting this past year?

* 2. Has your participation in the Alumni Job Club fulfilled your expectations?

* 3. What are your 3 favorite things about the Alumni Job Club?

* 4. What are your 3 least favorite things about the Alumni Job Club?

* 5. Have you had the opportunity to get to know other Alumni Job Club members and make career networking connections?

* 6. How has participating in the Alumni Job Club assisted you with your job search?

* 7. Do you feel that having an employer panel at the Alumni Job Club is beneficial?

* 8. How can we improve the Alumni Job Club so that it better meets your job search needs?

* 9. Are you currently unemployed?

* 10. What career related activities have you participated in while unemployed?

* 11. List some creative strategies you have used in your job search:

* 12. Do you find the Pre-Career Fair Workshops sponsored by CSU Career Services to be helpful in your job search?

* 13. What additional job search assistance do you need?

* 14. Are you interested in attending an Alumni Job Club meeting?

* 15. What career topics are you interested in discussing at an Alumni Job Club meeting?

* 16. If employed, would you be willing to facilitate an Alumni Job Club session about a career related topic or participate in a panel representing your company?

* 17. As an alumnus, what additional career resources or services would be beneficial to you in your professional life?

* 18. How can we help to inform you about what is going on with the Alumni Job Club?
(1 least effective method, 5 most effective method)

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Monthly emails
Monthly e-newsletter
Website calendar
LinkedIn group
Online message board
Printed postcard

* 19. What is the best day for your schedule to participate in an Alumni Job Club meeting from 6-7:30 p.m.?

* 20. Any additional comments about the Alumni Job Club or Alumni Career Services:

* 21. Please update your contact information: