Athlete Leadership University

Following completion of Healthy Lifestyles, you will be asked to complete the following practicum:

-Offer a year round health and fitness club.
-Offer/volunteer with Healthy Habits at a local, sectional and/or state event.
-Provide healthy menu input for local events.

Once you have completed this practicum, you will then be eligible to receive a degree in health from Athlete Leadership University. 

While not a requirement, other projects that can count towards your practicum can be:

-Serve as a Healthy Athletes Assistant at a state event.
-Speak with local health and fitness organizations about partnering with local program.

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* 1. First and Last Name

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* 2. Local Program

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* 3. Please select the project(s) that you completed.

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* 4. Approximately when was this project(s) completed?

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* 5. Please Provide as much detail as possible on what you did with the project(s) you selected. 

Thank you for submitting this report. Please continue to submit report forms as soon as your project is completed. Each report form is a step closer towards graduation.