Great Neck Adult Learning Center 2015-2016 Student Survey

1. What is your gender?

2. How old are you?

3. What is your country of origin?

4. What is your Status?

5. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

6. What is the highest degree you have earned?

7. What is your marital status?

8. How many children do you have?

9. Where do you currently live?

10. Which program are you enrolled?

11. When do you attend classes? 

12. What days during the week do you attend classes? You may select more than one.

13. You may seek your Guidance Counselor for which of the below? You may select more than one.

14. What additional classes would you like us to offer?

15. If extra classes were offered, what is your preferred time?

16. How much time do you typically have each day to complete homework assignments?

17. What is your current employment status?

18. What are your plans after earning the TASC?

19. What are some of the reasons you have been ABSENT from class in the past?

20. Do you have plans to attend summer school?

21. What student social events would you like to see?

22. What would you suggest we might add or change to make the school a better place for students?

23. Overall how would you rate your experience at the Adult Learning Center?