Greetings! Welcome to the 2022 Alaska Youth Voting Challenge!

First Alaskans Institute (FAI) is announcing a special opportunity for our youth, aged 17 and younger to learn about the importance of civic engagement! This Youth Voting Challenge is an opportunity to creatively encourage eligible voters in your community to vote in the general election on or before 8 pm AST, November 8, 2022. This statewide challenge seeks to: 
  • Build confidence, ability, and expectation of our youth in embracing their part of the voting process; 
  • Teach the value of increased civic engagement across the State of Alaska;
  • Normalize and create a habit of engagement in the voting process in youth before they become eligible to vote; 
  • Encourage youth leadership in local, statewide, and national issues impacting their lives now, and in the future; and
  • Help Alaskans learn about the voting barriers of Native peoples and other peoples of color and how to overcome these issues by strengthening voter turnout. 
What you need to know:
  • Eligible participants include youth groups, student groups or schools for grades pre-K to 12th grade, located within the State of Alaska;
  • Only children and youth, aged 17 years old and younger, in those approved youth groups, student groups or schools can actively participate in outreaching to encourage eligible voters to turn out to vote; and
  • Participant efforts may be supported by and/or educated by those eligible to vote (18 years old or older).
  • How to Apply: Eligible youth groups or schools must submit complete Letters of Interest (LOI). Read full instructions below.   
Important Note: Please Read

The goal of the Alaska Youth Voting Challenge is to increase voter turnout in Alaska. By submitting this application, you swear and affirm that your efforts will be focused on increased voter participation in your selected district(s), but will not, in any way, reward an individual voter for their vote.

This program does not violate federal or state law. 

Full rules available on the FAI website. Contact or 907-677-1700 with any questions.