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The Australian Junior Championships of Magic’ (AJCM) are an initiative of the Australian Institute of Magic (AIM) and form part of the AIM Juniors program designed to develop and inspire young magicians. The Championships take place during the Melbourne Magic Festival in the Winter School Holidays (in July in 2017) and are a platform for young performers to learn the process of act development while forming relationships with their peers in a fun and encouraging environment.

Please fill in your registration details and ensure that you have thoroughly read the rules provided within this application.

2017 Championships:
Stage Championships: Saturday 8th July, 4:30 pm

Close-Up Championships: Saturday 15th July, 4:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE - this application is best completed on a desk-top computer, it can prove problematic to complete on a hand-held device such as a phone.

  • Fire effects are NOT permitted in any act.
  • Participants are responsible for all of their own equipment and are expected to bring their own props, music, tables etc.
  • The championship provide and makes available for use:
    · chairs for volunteers
    · trestle style tables
    (You may bring and use your own tables, it is recommended that you consider the height of the tables you are used to rehearsing with.)
This competition is open to all young magicians under the age of 18 on the day of the Championships.

There are two separate categories:
  • Stage Magic – A performance of magic presented on stage.
  • Close Up Magic – A performance of magic performed seated or standing behind a table.

A contestant will:
Present an act of at least three minutes and not more than five minutes.
Pay an entry fee of $30 per category they wish to perform in. ($60 if performing in both). (Payment details are at the end of the registration form - Please note, registration is not complete until payment has been received.)

Each Act will be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes.
Performances, mainly depending on a pre-arrangement between the contestant and a volunteer or assistant in the know, are not considered magic performances.

The contest, being a contest on the performance of magic, the Jury can decide to disqualify the contestant. In case of doubt the competitor will be asked to explain the method used and, if necessary, to repeat the effect in front of the judging panel.

Fire effects are not permitted as part of any act.

A contestant must be ready to perform his act at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. The jury may disqualify a contestant who is not ready by this ten-minute notice.

An act begins when the contestant enters the stage or when the music of the act starts, whichever comes first.

When introducing a contestant, the Master of Ceremonies of the competition will refrain from any comment on the performer or the act, restricting the announcement to the name of the contestant.

A first place winner must not compete with the same act that was previously awarded first place.

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