AIV welcomes non-members to attend our public seminars and other special events, and works to reach out to all manufacturers and related businesses to let them know about important developments and other information they should be aware of.

AIV established the Vermont Manufacturing Network as a convenient way for non-members to receive updates and alerts in a more organized and efficient way to help ensure that we get you the information you want without overloading your already full inbox.

We also offer additional benefits to joining the VMN, including discounted registrations or sponsorships for events and special incentives to join AIV. VMN members will be alerted to these benefits as they are made available.

If you are interested in the VMN for you or your colleagues, you can complete the confidential application survey below. You can change your preferences or membership status any time you wish by coming back to this survey and submitting updates.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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* 4. If you would recommend we contact any of your colleagues to invite them to join the VMN, please provide their names, titles/positions, and emails below. We will contact them to confirm whether they would like to join and provide us with any preferences as above. You are also welcome to recommend this survey to them directly.

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