The Governor recently vetoed legislation, S.22, to legalize marijuana in Vermont.  However, it is possible that a revised bill could be taken up during the Legislature's "veto session" June 21 and 22.  Whether legislation is enacted this year or not, it is expected that similar or additional legislation will be debated next year. 

This will therefor continue to be an important issue for manufacturers and other employers. Among the many issues raised by this question are workplace safety and hiring challenges facing Vermont employers. This is especially acute for manufacturers and companies relying on government contracts.

Of particular concern, legislation under discussion to date fails to address significant problems with Vermont's workplace drug testing laws.

AIV is conducting a confidential survey of employers to ensure that these issues are part of the ongoing debate and to identify additional issues. Responses to this survey will be used only in the aggregate.

We encourage you to complete this confidential survey, and please don't hesitate to contact us at if you want to discuss this matter further.

* Contact Information

* Your company's policies/experiences:

  Yes No
Does your company require drug testing for prospective hires?
Does your company have drug-free workplace policies?
Does your company have or pursue government contracts that would entail drug-free workplace requirements?
Has drug use ever been determined or suspected to be involved in a workplace accident at your facility?

* If Vermont legalized marijuana, would your company be concerned about any of the following consequences?

  Very Concerned Somewhat Concerned Not Concerned
Increased drug test failures for prospective hires
Increased risk of workplace accidents
Reduced competitiveness in seeking government contracts
Reduced investment in Vermont operations or production

* If Vermont legalized marijuana, would your company likely take any of the following steps?

  Yes No Need More Information
Add or enhance drug-free workplace policies covering marijuana
Eliminate or scale back existing drug-free workplace policies covering marijuana
Make no changes in response to legalization

* Do you believe that Vermont's drug testing laws should be changed to give employers greater flexibility and authority to conduct drug testing in the workplace?

* Would you support any of the following changes to Vermont's drug testing laws regarding employees?

  Yes No Need More Information
Allow testing based on "reasonable suspicion" rather than the current threshold of "probable cause"
Allow testing after workplace accidents
Allow testing after completion of employer-endorsed or -provided rehabilitation pograms
Allow testing in accordance with scheduled company-wide testing
Allow random testing
Allow discipline, including discharge, based on any initial or subsequent positive test
Make referral of employees who test positive to rehabilitation discretionary rather than the current mandatory requirement for employers

* From your company's perspective (not your personal perspective), what position, if any, would you take on Vermont's legalization of marijuana?

* Any additional comments, questions, or suggestions: