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* 2. Are you satisfied with your school choice?

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* 3. Would you consider a free public charter school with a private school feel?

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* 4. Would you like a school that would focus Mastery, STEAM, Drone Technology and Robotics?

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* 5. Does this program interest you and your child?

AIT Prep Academy is focused on College and Career Preparation providing all of our students with a rigorous, relevant, and engaging curriculum as well as requiring all students to master the 4 core and have a 99% graduation rate. All students who would like to go to post-secondary will be mentored in applying for college admission from selecting the right colleges and walking through the admittance process, financial aid, application, essay, college entrance exams…etc. Students who prefer a trade will be guided into OJT internships with the apprpriate certifications.

"We are Turning RISK into Promise".

Program Specifics:

*23:1 student / teacher ratio

*ALL Male Gender Classes


*STEAM Curriculum



*Drone Technology

*9-12 ROTC Mandatory for ALL Students

*Extended School Year

*Intensive Reading and Writing

*Character Education

*Mentor Program

*Leadership Program

*Community Clinic

*Parent GED/Job Fair

*Parent literacy

*Parent Financial Education Classes