Athlete Proposal on Adjusting sports offered and schedule

At the 2018 Leadership Conference a group of athletes met and reviewed our current competition schedule and sports offering.

They reviewed numbers of participants by sport, discussed what’s working and what they felt needed to be changed at each event, and discussed sports offerings, including demonstration sports. Based on the data reviewed, they have a proposal that includes keeping all current sports and adding Volleyball. The biggest changes that they are proposing is to adjust which sports are offered at which event. The proposed schedule would look like this:
Winter Games           Summer Games       Summer Sports Classic        Fall Tournament
Alpine Skiing              Soccer (T)                   Adult Bowling                           Youth Bowling

Snowshoeing              Athletics                     Powerlifting                                Basketball  (T)

Volleyball (T)             Golf                             Tennis - Adults                           Bocce-Adults       

X-Country Skiing       Cycling                        Softball (T)                                 Aquatics                 
***Note "T" denotes team sport***
Special Olympics Wyoming is looking for additional feedback on the recommendations.
1. Our commitment to these athletes is to respond by February 1st.
2. We will not make any changes to Winter Games in 2019.
3. Once we have received feedback, staff will review resources and facilities to determine feasability.
Any questions? Please direct them to The Athlete Input Council has their next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, January 8th and will recieve a report on initial responses.
Thank you for taking the time to provide your views, again a reminder that this is a proposal.

Question Title

* 1. Proposal to add Volleyball to Winter Games

Rationale: To provide an indoor option for athletes and to add a new sport.

Question Title

* 2. Move Soccer to Summer Games:

Rationale: Due to the potential for inclement weather at Fall Tournament

Question Title

* 3. Move Cycling to Summer Games.

Rationale: Due to the potential for inclement weather at Fall Tournament.

Question Title

* 4. Move Golf to Summer Games.

Rationale: To encourage more youth involvement.

Question Title

* 5. Hold Bowling at two events: one for Adults (22+) at Summer Sports Classic and one for Youth (8-21) at Fall Tournament.

Rationale: To ease the burden of high numbers at limited facilities.

Question Title

* 6. Move Powerlifting to Summer Sports Classic.

Rationale: Participants are primarily adults

Question Title

* 7. Move Tennis to Summer Sports Classic.

Rationale: Participants are primarily adults.

Question Title

* 8. Move Basketball to Fall Tournament.

Rationale: To offer a team sport at Fall Tournament.

Question Title

* 9. Move Aquatics to Fall Tournament.

Rationale: So athletes don't have to choose between Aquatics and Athletics.

Question Title

* 10. Move Bocce to Fall Tournament.

Rationale: To provide a sport option for adults in lieu of Bowling.

Question Title

* 11. Equestrian will now be a stand-alone event in early September. With this change, how likely are you to compete?

Question Title

* 12. Which of the following changes do you think would increase participation? Select all that apply

Question Title

* 13. Continuing to offer Cross Country Skiing despite low numbers.

Rationale: It promotes inclusion