* 1. Company details:

* 2. Contact person:

* 3. Company industry sector (please mark):

* 4. Company Details:

* 5. Company's value proposition (what is unique about what you sell?) please limit your answer to 50 words

* 6. For medical and life sciences companies, what if any, patents do you hold?

* 7. For medical and life sciences companies, does the company have FDA approval or CE marking for any of its products (please detail)?

* 8. Main Competitors:

* 9. How many years has your company been exporting - to which markets and in what quantities?

* 10. What are the level of exports to these markets?

* 11. Please provide export references from existing distributors who the company
has used for at least two years:

* 12. Are you considering direct investment or representation in Australia?

* 13. Does your company have a prior history or current relationship in the Australian market? If so, please detail.

* 14. Has your company undertaken any research to build a strategy and establish a plan
to professionally deliver successful exports to a sophisticated market like Australia?

* 15. Does your company have a service plan developed to support product/service distribution in Australia? (please detail)

* 16. What budget does your company have to develop long term exports to the Australian market?

* 17. What Australian based trade shows are you willing to attend?

* 18. Are you planning to send a senior company executive to visit the Australian market?
If so, please provide details of when the visit will take place, trip duration and objectives,
including introductions sought.

* 19. Any additional comments: