Arts and Humanities for Every Student and Professional Development (AHFES) Applications
Due June 30, 2017

Arts and Humanities for Every Student (AHFES) provides increased access for all DC public and charter school students to attend high-quality arts and cultural events as an integral part of their education. Whether at cultural institutions or through an in-school placement, these age-appropriate arts and humanities programs engage and educate students. Through this program, DCPS and public charter schools are eligible for tickets and transportation to local cultural events and in-school performances and workshops.

Greater Impact: Many AHFES experiences also have a deeper engagement component that may include: a pre/post-event classroom visit, videos or other interactive activities in addition to the required classroom preparatory materials, or a Professional Development workshop for teachers, among other events. These activities are specifically associated with the AHFES experience and further assist educators in integrating the AHFES experience into the classroom. Organizations are encouraged to consider the voice of the youth that they are serving in their programming design by holding a youth advisory council, participating in student evaluations or actively involving the youth voice in the main activities of the program.
  • Example 1: During The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting's Everyday Africa, Everyday DC AHFES experience, Pulitzer had several pre-event classroom visits, the field-trip experience and subsequent to the field-trip the students completed a photography exhibit with the school. There are different levels to the deeper engagement work...
  • Example 2: Imagination Stage developed interactive event materials that included a video to help prep students for their visit.
Professional Development Workshops (PD) The DC Collaborative, in partnership with its members, offers workshops open to all DC public and public charter school teachers, which focus on dance, visual arts, humanities, theater, and music and how to effectively integrate these disciplines into their teaching practices. These workshops take place throughout the year at the hosting cultural organization and through the DC Collaborative Professional Development Institute series.