* 1. Can application gateway handle TCP / UDP Traffic

* 2. What is the basic server size for installing application gateway

* 3. Does application gateway support websocket

* 4. Does application gateway provide public and private ip for applications to use

* 5. Your customer wants to find out the originating IP address of the HTTP traffic. Does Application Gateway provide you with feature to find the originating IP address.

* 6. Based on the question 5 , did you identify the exact header information ,
customer has to use to extract the originating ip address. Please enter the 
information in the text box. (No score question)

* 7. You customer has a 3 tier network model (Front end , application and database) layers. Each one is a subnet.   The front end subnet has custom IDS/IPS SW and traffic packet inspection software due to corporate requirement. You are the solution architect and customer is looking to you to provide workable solution.

What will be your options and recommendations.

* 8. Your customers networking team is complaining that they are able to get the health information after a recent changes to the networking configuration.  You are on phone with the customer. What will be your approach  to identify the issue. 

* 9. You customer is large finserv customer and they will never allow any outbound internet access from any Azure resource. But the customer like the feature set of the Application gateway. What you will recommendation to the customer.

* 10. Your customer is using Akamai as their CDN and all the traffic to the azure will flow through that. To configure outbound traffic and your customer wants to white list the IP address of  the application gateway.

What is the best way to reserve the IP address of application gateway. You are the lead cloud solution architect and you have to come up with a solution and advice the customer on the right direction. How will you go about it.