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* 1. Your Information

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* 2. Annual Dinner Meal Choice: PLEASE NOTE if we do not receive this from you, we will have no dinner for you.

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* 3. We are being careful to be cost conscious this year so no band or DJ at the dinner, but we will have music because we really want to celebrate everyone being together again! We are compiling a playlist and would love some of your favorites to be included. Please send me a few songs you love, and I'll add them to the list.

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* 4. Sponsorship Opportunities: As in previous years, we offer IAATO’s members the opportunity to sponsor some of the extras which can make the meeting particularly special and memorable.

IAATO will recognize all sponsors at the events themselves.

Please help make any of these events a reality by joining your fellow members in making a donation at one of the following levels:

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Participation in the IAATO Annual Meeting 2022 requires agreement from all those in attendance to treat as confidential all non-public information provided in connection with the meeting, including information in documents made available before the meeting; information presented in the course of the meeting; and information shared during question/answer sessions or in discussions during the meeting.

· The disclosure of any such non-public information regarding IAATO or its members or collaborators obtained as a result of participation in the IAATO annual meeting is strictly prohibited;
· The disclosure, distribution, electronic transmission or copying of any other confidential material relating to IAATO or its members is likewise strictly prohibited;
· Recording or streaming of the IAATO Annual Meeting, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited;
· Providing access to the virtual meeting platform to anyone not registered to participate is strictly prohibited.

By completing and submitting the registration form, each participant indicates that they have read and understand these prohibitions and agrees to be bound by them.


§ Disclosing non-public information shared in connection with this meeting is prohibited.
§ Recording or streaming this meeting in whole or in part is prohibited.
§ Providing access to the meeting to anyone not registered for the meeting is prohibited.