1. Best Paper Voting

Best Innovation - This award is for the most innovative concept or idea that is presented at the Symposium. It is to encourage authors to bring new ideas to the table and not be worried about presenting different approaches to running an airline. The recipient of this award does not have to present a "fully cooked" idea with complete results from an implementation in production. They may present a concept with some preliminary findings and outline how they feel the concept will push the discipline forward or how airlines might use the idea to improve their operations.

Best Technical - This award goes to the authors that present the best "technical contribution" at the conference. This can be an idea that the authors have fully vetted out the technical aspects of the project and have implemented it or are in the process of implementing the idea. For academic presentations, the authors should have worked through the mathematical concepts and have at least example results within their presentation.

Best Presentation - This award goes to the author(s) that present the best overall presentation that provides a new vision or a new direction for the airlines to pursue. This should not be for the paper that gets the most laughs. A good example of this is Leon Kinloch's paper on “Why O&D Doesn't Work.” His talk wasn't arguing that O&D revenue management is wrong, he was pointing out that our reservation systems were ill equipped to handle O&D controls properly and it was costing the carriers money. It got people thinking about all the holes in our mainframe reservation systems and the revenue leakage we were exposed to.

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  Best Technical Best Innovation Best Presentation
The Role of Human Intervention with RM Systems. User Influence: What is it Good For? - Bill Brunger
Nonparametric Estimation of Customer Segments in Airline Revenue Management, Johannes Ferdinand Jörg, Catherine Cleophas, RWTH Aachen University
Using Revenue Management segmentation and Social Media to stimulate demand on a changing macroeconomic environment - Rafael Martinez, Aerolineas Argentinas
Digitalization in Flight Operations and the Impact on Operations Research, Jeffery Oboy, M2P
Next Gen Ops System Implementation at Qatar Airways, Piyush Taori & V.P. Praveen
Some Recent Improvements in Operations Recovery Mangement, Xiaodong Luo Sabre
A multistage stochastic programming model for air cargo assignment under capacity uncertainty, Felipe Delgado, Ricardo Trincado, Bernardo Pagnoncelli, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Preference-based trip trade system for pilots, June Ma, American Airlines, AGIFORS Crew Study Group Meeting Best Presentation
On the move towards full Crew and Fleet integration Tomas Gustafsson Jeppesen
SWIM in Airline Operations - JP Clarke Georgia Tech
Real-time optimization of Slot Assignment, Valentin Weber - Amadeus & Jeremy Baillie - Qantas
Estimation of airline itinerary choice models using Amazon Mechanical Turk - Laurie Garrow, Ziran Chen, Virginie Lurkin - Georgia Institute of Technology and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Robust Revenue Opportunity Modeling - Richard Ratliff Sabre
Revenue maximization through revenue forecasting - Burak Ozdaryal, United
Cabin Configuration Analysis ICF
Optimizing baggage handling using Lean Six Sigma, Willem-Jozef Van Goethem, Fransis Musila, Thomas Omondi, Kenya Airways
An Integrated Optimization Approach to the Challenge of Aircraft Maintenance Planning - Luis Alvarez, INFORM
Airline Operations in Digital Airline - Part I. Lukasz Stankiewicz
Aircraft boarding strategies - Massoud Bazargan - Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University
LARCH: A package for estimating multinomial, nested, and cross-nested logit models that account for semi-aggregate data - Jeffery Newman Georgia Tech
Data-Driven Models for Itinerary Preferences of Air Travelers, Rodrigo Acuna-Agost, Amadeus
Critical assessment of five methods to correct for endogeneity in discrete-choice models - C. Angelo Guevara Universidad de Chile
Airline Maintenance Basing Strategy & Inventory Planning - The Right Parts, Right Place, Right Risk, Right Cost, - Boeing
Predictive Maintenance Check from Analysis of Airplane Sensor Data - Digital Aviation, Boeing
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