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Best Innovation - This award is for the most innovative concept or idea that is presented at the Symposium. It is to encourage authors to bring new ideas to the table and not be worried about presenting different approaches to running an airline. The recipient of this award does not have to present a "fully cooked" idea with complete results from an implementation in production. They may present a concept with some preliminary findings and outline how they feel the concept will push the discipline forward or how airlines might use the idea to improve their operations.

Best Technical - This award goes to the authors that present the best "technical contribution" at the conference. This can be an idea that the authors have fully vetted out the technical aspects of the project and have implemented it or are in the process of implementing the idea. For academic presentations, the authors should have worked through the mathematical concepts and have at least example results within their presentation.

Best Presentation - This award goes to the author(s) that present the best overall presentation that provides a new vision or a new direction for the airlines to pursue. This should not be for the paper that gets the most laughs. A good example of this is Leon Kinloch's paper on “Why O&D Doesn't Work.” His talk wasn't arguing that O&D revenue management is wrong, he was pointing out that our reservation systems were ill equipped to handle O&D controls properly and it was costing the carriers money. It got people thinking about all the holes in our mainframe reservation systems and the revenue leakage we were exposed to.

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* 1. Please vote for 1 paper in each category.

  Best Technical Best Innovation Best Presentation
Towards a Block Chain-enabled Aviation Ecosystem, John-Paul Clarke, Georgia Institute of Technology
Predicting demand for commuter air-taxi service, Pr Laurie Garrow, Georgia Institue of Technology
From Revenue Management to Dynamic Offer Management, Jonas Rauch, Lufthansa
Hub Connectivity: Discussion Of Measures, Competitive Profiling And Efficiency Evaluation, Zeliha Akca, Turkish Airlines
Leveraging cognitive biases and the decoy effect to model sales conversion, Thiery Delahaye, Amadeus
Tail Assignment from routing to ops control, Mattias Gronkvist, Jeppesen
Predictive maintenance using aircraft sensor data anomaly detection. Dominic Wigmore-Shepherd, British Airways
Airline Hangars Balanced Manpower Utilization – An Optimization Approach, Massoud Bazargan, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Callable Products with Early Exercise and Overbooking, Pr. Guillermo Gallego, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & Pusan National University
Using Deficit Functions for Aircraft Routing and Crew Scheduling, Helman Stern, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Variable Pricing, Sergey Shebalov, Sabre Airline Solutions
Big Data / Machine Learning at American Airlines Tech. Ops. Mei Zhang, American Airlines
Quantum Computing for Airline Problems, Youngburn Hur, Sabre
Efficient Route Planning for Air Cargo, Felix Brandt, FZI Research Center for Information Technology
The Implications of Dynamic Pricing for Airline Revenue Management, Michael Wittman, Amadeus
Data Analytics combined with RM strategies is shaping the future of RM at Air Transat, Aimé Kamgaing Kuiteing, Air Transat
Crew and Fleet Integration: Crew Pairing, Retiming and Aircraft Routing Combined, Waldemar Kocjan, Jeppesen
The impact of competition on booking behavior in airlines, Daniel Hopman, Vrije Univeristeit Amsterdam
[Best Presentation Crew] Pairing and Roster Optimisation in the Cloud, Olga Perederieieva , Merlot Aero
Data Science Applications to Improve Technical Operations, Rod Tjoelker, Boeing
Bringing together Network scheduling and OCC tfor a more efficient tail assignment process, Benoit Robillard, Air France
[Best Presentation SSP] Models to Support Scheduling Decisions in a Complex Network: Fleet Assignment Model as an Example, Yuxi Xiao, American Airlines
A Field Experiment on Airline Lead-in Fares, Alexandre Jacquillat, Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College