Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Gathering resident opinions is invaluable to us as we make decisions for the City. None of the questions are required and the survey should take under 10 minutes to complete. There are 19 questions. Your responses WILL NOT be individually tracked and all data collected will be analyzed as a whole. Responses are due by Friday, January 19. If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Camden Bird at (801)763-3000.

* 1. How would you rate your quality of life in American Fork?

* 2. What are the TOP 3 reasons you live in American Fork? (Only 3 are required)

* 3. What are the TOP 3 issues American Fork City should focus on over the next five years? (Please only choose 3)

* 4. Please rate the following city staff departments on their service & professionalism.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor No Opinion
Public Works
Mayor & Council
Fitness Center
Building Inspections

* 5. Please describe your general experience with staff.

* 6. Please rate the following City services.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor No Opinion
City cemetery
City office hours
Library programs
Code enforcement
Communication with residents
Fire & EMS services
Steel Days/community events
Quality of parks & trails
Fitness Center
Permitting and development review
Police services
Road maintenance
Snow removal
Utility billing

* 7. How would you prefer to get information from American Fork City?

* 8. Which, if any, of the following do you think the City should allocate more funding for?

  No funding needed Low funding priority Mid funding priority Top funding priority
Fitness Center
City events and programs
City Library
Public Safety
Road maintenance and repair
Sidewalk maintenance and repair
Parks and trails

* 9. How long have you lived in American Fork?

* 10. How long do you anticipate remaining in American Fork?

* 11. Where in American Fork do you live?

* 12. What is your age?

* 13. If there is any other topic regarding the City of American Fork that you would like to comment on, please do so here.