AFL Victoria is currently in the process of developing an adapted version of Australian Rules football for the blind and vision impaired community of Victoria. We really appreciate your thoughts and input into helping shape the sport of AFL Blind

Should you be interested we would love your help in testing out how the sport is played. For more details please complete the below questions. Should you require any assistance please contact Tim Nield from AFL Victoria on 03 8341 6023 or 

* 1. What is your age in years?

* 2. What gender do you identify as?

* 3. What is your postcode?

* 4. Please list the ways you receive information about sporting/physical activity opportunities (eg. emails from Blind Sports)

* 5. What sport/physical activities do you currently play and in what setting? (eg. running at a running club or soccer with friends)

* 6. What other sports/physical activities have you played in the past in an organised and/or club setting?

* 7. What parts of engaging in physical activity do you enjoy the most (for example mateship, competition, socialising)?

* 8. What are the barriers for you to participate in sport/physical activity?

* 9. What current types of transport do you use to get to sport/physical activity opportunities? 

* 10. How long (in hours and minutes) do you travel to get to a sport/physical activity opportunity?

* 11. How long (in hours and minutes) would you travel to get to a sport/physical activity opportunity?

* 12. Which agencies could we contact to promote AFL Blind?

* 13. What resources do you require to engage in sport/physical?

* 14. Which of the following best describes your interest in playing AFL Blind?

* 15. Do you feel comfortable playing sport with differentiating levels of vision impairment?

* 16. AFL Blind is interested in getting together a group of vision impaired individuals who would be a part of the development of the new AFL Blind sport. This would mean attending some session to try out different versions of the game and giving feedback on the day. Would you be interested in being part for this AFL Blind development group?

* 17. If yes, what days and times would suit you?

* 18. If you would like to be a part of the development of the new AFL Blind Sport, could you please provide your email address and/or contact number

* 19. What way of communication would you prefer?