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Council is currently undertaking consultation with various sectors of the Port Phillip community – with a specific focus on older persons – in order to gain an understanding of the successes and challenges of the municipality against the eight key themes of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age Friendly Cities Guide. In addition to this survey, Council will also be running focus groups with members of the community to investigate the 8 key features of Age Friendly Cities in the City of Port Phillip context.

The 8 key features of an Age Friendly City, according to the World Health Organization are:
    1. Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
    2. Transportation
    3. Housing
    4. Social Participation
    5. Respect and Social Inclusion
    6. Civic Participation and Employment
    7. Communication and Information
    8. Community and Health Services

Using the findings from the consultation and research, Council will prepare a framework that will serve to structure the broader services and work of Council into the future in a manner that will support active ageing.

There are no right or wrong answers and all responses will be kept confidential.

We appreciate your help with this consultation. This consultation will close on 29 November.

Any feedback made via this questionnaire may be published and used as part of a Council report. Please contact 9209 6863 for any queries.

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