At ACIPCO Federal Credit Union (AFCU), our goal is to be the only financial institution our members could want or need.  Your input is vital in helping us achieve that goal.  Please take 2 minutes to complete this short survey and you could win $200! 

1. Overall, how satisfied are you with AFCU?

2. Do you consider AFCU your primary financial institution?

3. If you have accounts elsewhere, what are your reasons for choosing another institution?

4. What is your preferred method for making transactions on your account?

5. Are there any products or services not currently offered by the credit union that you would like us to offer?

6. What is your age group

7. What is your gender?

8. Please share any comments on how we can improve our overall service to you.

9. To enter for a chance to win $200, please list your phone number, area code first.

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