Employers, we need your help for our ATMAE re-accreditation process!

Dear Employer:

Eastern Kentucky University’s – Applied Engineering and Technology department is committed to providing a quality education to its students. The core curriculum for our programs must be constantly reviewed for up-to-date content if we are to help our graduates meet the challenges they will face when entering the workforce.

We are asking you, as the employer of an Applied Engineering and Technology (Applied Engineering Management or Network Security and Electronics) graduate, to participate in this vital review process by completing the employer survey. Please be assured that we recognize the employers' concern over employee confidentiality issues and let us reassure you that the information provided will be solely used as mentioned above. Any information you provide will be reported in aggregate and not as individual responses. We will only list the names of the companies that participate with no additional contact information and all individual responses will remain confidential.

The Applied Engineering Management (AEM) and Network Security and Electronics (NET) programs are nationally accredited through the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). The employer survey is part of our program’s requirement to maintain its accreditation through ATMAE. For additional information on ATMAE, please visit the website: http://www.atmae.org/

We appreciate your cooperation with this survey and want to thank you for employing our graduates.

Best regards,


Tim Ross, Professor and Chair
Applied Engineering and Technology
302 Whalin Technology Complex

* 1. Please provide the name of your company.

* 2. Are your response in this survey related to gradates of:

* 3. How satisfied are you with the overall performance?

* 4. How satisfied are you with their ability to think critically and creatively?

* 5. How satisfied are you with their communication skills?

* 6. How satisfied are you with their problem solving skills?

* 7. How satisfied are you with their leadership skills?

* 8. How satisfied are you with their teamwork skills?

* 9. How satisfied are you with their technical skills?

* 10. How satisfied are you with their ability to formulate and apply technical problem solving?

* 11. How satisfied are you with their ability to formulate and apply managerial concepts?

* 12. If you would provide your name, email address and or contact information, we would like to acknowledge you for your assistance in our re-accreditation process (optional)