AEG 2014 Annual Mtg Field Trip Options

Kartchner Caverns (1 day) – Experience a stunning limestone cave in Southeastern Arizona. This live cave, discovered in 1974, is host to a wide variety of unique minerals and formations. The cave tour will be led by a local geology professor.

Grand Canyon/Geology of Arizona (3 days) – Enjoy a scenic tour of the state with stops at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, Payson, Flagstaff, Williams, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Highlights will include a tour of the volcanic areas near Flagstaff and a train ride from Williams to the South Rim of the Canyon.

Sedona - Red Rocks and Red Wine (1 day) – The beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona is a must-see during a visit to Arizona. A technical tour of sinkholes in the Sedona area will be the highlight of this trip. The wineries of Sedona with a backdrop of sandstone cliffs will be the other highlight.

SR 87 Landslide and Marcus Landslide – (1 day) – Join us on an urban landslide tour while we visit two landslides within the greater Phoenix area. A landslide in a cut slope buckled an adjacent portion of State Route 87 (SR 87) resulting in a week-long closure of a main highway connecting Phoenix and Payson of central Arizona. The investigation, monitoring, and mitigation efforts will be presented. The interpretative geology Marcus Landslide trail will take you through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The optional 3.7 mile roundtrip hike ends beside the 2nd largest landslide in Arizona. The landslide discovery, trail development and history will be presented along the numerous geologic waypoints.

PHX Sky Train (half day) – The PHX Sky Train is an automated train that links the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with nearby long-term parking and Phoenix Light Rail. The first stage of the train was opened to the public in April 2013. The next stage is in construction. The tour will include a behind the scenes tour of the train and current construction of the new segment. The tour will be led by members of the design team with a focus on the geotechnical design of the project, which includes drilled shaft foundations.

Earth Fissures (half day) – Spend the morning in the field with a renowned geologist who has extensively studied and mapped earth fissures in the valley and surrounding areas. The trip will include visits to prominent fissures and discussions of causes, mapping, and current standard of practice.

Ray Mine (1 day) - The Ray Copper Mine has been in operation since the 1880s and is the second largest open pit mine in North America. It has been dug deep into the canyon of Mineral Creek a tributary of the Gila River. Ray Mine is a huge property for which many environmental protections are necessary. Possibly the most impressive of these is a tunnel through the Dripping Spring Mountains. The mining property is also a refuge for wild life; there are over 81 species of birds on the mine site. The tour of the mine property will encompass geology, geotechnical and environmental aspects related to mining at this site.

Geology of the Valley of the Sun (half day) – Enjoy a scenic tour of the geology of the Valley of the Sun with several stops in and near the beautiful Phoenix Mountains and South Mountain.

Sabino Canyon Debris Flow tour (1 day) – Hike and learn on a scenic tour of the Sabino Canyon area near Tucson. The area was the site of major debris flows in 2006. Hear discussions about the evidence and results of the debris flows and see how the area looks today.