Survey Introduction

The Office of the Superintendent of Schools is exploring how our Catholic schools can better serve Catholic families who have children with special needs.  Currently our schools serve students with mild to moderate learning disabilities; however, there is a strong interest and desire to learn what other types of programs we should be considering.

Your willingness to take a few minutes to complete this survey is appreciated.  

* 1. Do you have a child in your family or in your extended family with special learning needs?

* 2. Please indicate the student's age.

* 3. Does the student have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or Individualized Educational Services Plan (IESP)?

* 4. What is the student's current disability classification?

* 5. Is the student currently in a special education program or early intervention program?

* 6. What is the student's current placement?

* 7. Does the student receive transportation?

* 8. Are you happy with his/her program?

* 9. If enrolled in a Catholic school that would support the services needed for the student, what tuition range would you be willing to pay?

* 10. Please indicate the level of your interest in having a Catholic School for students with special learning needs.

* 11. Please indicate the Borough/County where the student resides.

* 12. If a Catholic school for students with special learning needs were to open in your area, what type of services do you believe to be most needed? (Please check all that apply)

* 13. What grade levels should be served? (Please check those you feel are needed.)

* 14. Any comments, thoughts or ideas you may have are welcome.

* 15. If you would like to receive further information from the Archdiocese of New York about special education, please provide your name and email address.