1. Dear Alaskan Senior:

The 2018 Senior Survey is part of an effort to gather information about senior needs as the Alaska Commission on Aging with the State Plan Advisory Council develop the new state Plan for Senior Services, which will cover fiscal years 2020 through 2023. Your responses will be used to develop a core set of goals, objectives, strategies, and performance measures for the new State Plan for Senior Services. Alaska's State Plan for Senior Services satisfies a federal requirement of all states receiving federal funds under the Older Americans Act their senior programs and services. These funds provide support for an array of senior services including home-delivered meals, congregate meals, transportation, family caregiver respite, in-home supports, elder safety, the Senior Voice, and much more. The Plan's goals also provide guidance for senior housing and vocational training for seniors who qualify for the Mature Alaskans Seeking Skills Training Program.
Your answers will be totally anonymous. No one will know that these responses come from you. Please complete this survey by July 13, 2018. Please know that your voice matters. Your opinions are important and will help to develop a plan that is truly responsive to senior needs around the state.
Thank you!
David Blacketer & Denise Daniello

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