1. What do you want to achieve in the next ACU Enterprise Agreement?

You have received a draft CPSU log of claims which outlines our initial claims for enterprise bargaining. This has been developed using the feedback we received from members in our Listening campaign.

We would like you to fill in this survey to help us prioritise the claims that are most important to you.

On the Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May 2013 we will hold endorsement meetings to allow you to vote on the log of claims before we present it to ACU Management. (details for the meetings wil be confirmed soon)

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete. Thank you for participating.

*Privacy: Your participation in this survey and any view given will not be identified to others. E-mail will be used only to inform you of the survey results and to keep you informed of your rights and working conditions and the progress of Enterprise Bargaining.

* 1. What are the three most important conditions in your Enterprise Agreement? Why? (There may be alot, but try to prioritise.)

* 2. What three improvements would you like to see made to your Enterprise Agreement?

* 3. Are there any changes you would like us to make to the draft log of claims?

* 4. ACU has offered a pay increase in line with CPI (inflation). The most recent CPI figure is 2.5%. This is well below the 4.4% per annum increase we won in the current Agreement.

What pay increase would you consider fair and be willing to campaign for?

* 5. Are you concerned about insecure work arrangements, such as casual employment, fixed term contracts and the outsourcing of work? Explain why

* 6. What would it take for you to feel appropriately rewarded and recognised by ACU?

* 7. Are career development opportunities available to you? (please specify)

* 8. Is your workload reasonable and achievable within ordinary work hours? Is your position back-filled when you take leave, to avoid workload build-up when you return?

* 9. How would you like the CPSU to send you updates about bargaining? (choose 1 or more)