1. ACT Registration Information

Taking this survey will help us collect data about commuting patterns at AUNE with an eye toward fostering alternative commuting options that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

* 1. Your Name (providing your names makes you eligible for prizes):

* 2. Your primary affiliation to AUNE:

* 4. Please provide the city/town, state, and zipcode from which you typically commute to campus:

* 6. Please tell us how often you get to campus using the following modes of transportation:

  Never Occasionally Regularly Always
Drive Alone
Public Transit

* 7. When you think about using the following modes of alternative transportation, please explain for each what support you would need to use them more frequently:

* 8. Which carpool/rideshare resources have you heard of before? Please check all that apply:

* 9. Did you know that AUNE played a key role in establishing Keene's bike/walking path?

* 10. Did you know the bike/walking path connects the campus to its Couple and Family Therapy Institute located in the Center at Keene?

* 11. Did you know that the bike/walking path gets plowed during the winter?

* 12. Did you know that AUNE students successfully advocated for bike/walking path plowing in winter?

* 13. Will you volunteer to help promote alternative commuting to campus?

* 14. If you answered yes to question #13, please provide us with your email address:

* 15. Do you own a car or have regular access to one for commuting to campus?