* 1. Which school does your oldest child attend?

* 2. What is the grade level of your oldest child?

* 3. Which of these sources have you used to view the school breakfast menu?

* 4. In the past 7 days, choose the setting that your child has eaten breakfast in most often?

* 5. Who is responsible for your child eating breakfast?

* 6. Why does your child eat breakfast at school?

* 7. Why doesn't your child eat breakfast at school?

* 8. Are you aware that the breakfast program is for all students?

* 9. Which option do you think is healthier?

* 10. What is your overall satisfaction with your school's breakfast program?

* 11. List possible benefits to eating school breakfast.

* 12. What changes would attract your student to choose to eat at school and what food items would you like to see added to the breakfast menu?

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