Welcome to the ACE Preserve Survey!

Arch Creek East Environmental Preserve
is a City of North Miami Park located in the ACENA Neighborhood. 
Though it is highly valued by its stakeholders, it has been forgotten and neglected for many years. 
This survey is intended to collect input from its stakeholders for planning and funding purposes. 
Your opinions are important. As a Preserve stakeholder, we want to know what you think would make it better. 
UPG has prepared a series of questions to understand what YOU want from your Nature Preserve. 
Most are "one-click" questions, just click on the number of stars to indicate how much you support the issue or need. 
All responses are kept confidential, but we will be aggregating the results for discussion (without any personal info). 
Contact info is optional (but appreciated). If you would like to help carry out future projects and stay in contact, please provide it. We never share contact info with anyone ever. 
Urban Paradise Guild (UPG) created this survey.  UPG has been working on a weekly basis at ACE since March 2013, and we are seeking consensus for how to move forward more quickly and make much greater impacts. 
Contact: Sam Van Leer, President / sam@urban-paradise.org with any questions, concerns or ideas for the Preserve. 

25% of survey complete.