Thank you for your input.

Alachua County Council of PTAs (ACCPTA) is a county-wide parent teacher association that supports our local school community. We are conducting a survey with families of Alachua County public school students to learn how you feel about school. Your responses will help our advocacy efforts related to the upcoming countywide school rezoning, (originally planned for Fall 2022, but may be postponed), as well as for future projects. Your information will stay confidential, and only the full results will be shared (without identifying individual responses).

Note: The survey is focused on traditional public schools that will be part of the rezoning effort (not including charter or private schools). If you have children at multiple school types, please complete the survey only for your child(ren) that attend traditional public schools.
This survey is not affiliated with the Alachua County School District, although the summary results will be shared with the district staff and School Board.