Important Information before Proceeding with this Application

Application Process:

This form enables you to submit an application for consideration to be an ACCO Accredited Provider®.  ACCO staff will begin review of applications upon receipt of the application fee and this application.

Learning Objectives:
ACCO will require that all providers submit learning objectives for each program they register.  Learning objectives must support or be aligned with the Core Competencies for Climate Change Officers and Professionals in order to be accepted.

The proposed learning objective(s) should be an explicit statement that clearly expresses what the student will be able to do after participating in a particular training activity.  Learning objectives should be straightforward in order to ensure limited interpretation. 

Quality Assurance Statement:

In submitting this application for consideration, you are agreeing that:
  • It is your responsibility to read, understand, and disseminate all information regarding your participation in the ACCO Accredited Provider® program with members of your organization involved with your education and training activities related to this application.
  • Your organization is directly responsible for all education and training activities related to this application and may not transfer the ACCO Accredited Provider® status to other organizations. 
  • You have reviewed and attested to the accuracy of all application information and understand that ACCO's review will be primarily based upon the information contained within this application.
  • ACCO may audit any education and training activities covered under this application.  Any provider that is non-compliant may be removed from the ACCO Accredited Provider® program, and will forfeit paid fees. 
  • Your organization must offer training evaluations to all attendees and issue certificates of completion to attendees upon their request. 
  • All attendees seeking elective and continuing education credits will be required to sign in at the beginning of each activity and sign out at the end of the activity.  Your organization is required to submit scanned copies of sign-in sheets to ACCO within 5 business days of the completion of the event or training activity.
  • Your organization agrees to keep all course materials and attendee records for three years.

Question Title

* 1. I understand and agree to the above guidelines on learning objectives and quality assurance on behalf of my employer: