Information about the Project

The Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists (ACCLXT) is a non-profit statutorily created organization responsible for the registration, competency, and discipline of all registered Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists in Alberta. ACCLXT is currently reviewing their Standards of Practice and is seeking input from all Registrants on the draft Standards through this online survey.

Assumptions Underlying the Standards

The Standards are based on the assumptions that:

· Registrants will practice competently, safely and ethically.

· The Standards describe the expectations for what a “reasonable” Registrant would do.

· The Standards are applicable to all Registrants, regardless of their level of experience, type of practice or practice setting.

· The Standards should be considered in the context of legislative, regulatory and employer policies/guidelines. In the case of differences, ACCLXT Registrants are expected to follow the most restrictive policies.

· The Standards are one of a number of ACCLXT professional resources and should be used in conjunction with related documents such as:

o Code of Ethics,

o Competency Profiles, and

o Practice Guidelines.