The W3C Accessible Online Learning Community Group (aka AccessLearn) is a place to discuss issues relating to accessibility and online learning, with a focus on identifying ways to enhance W3C technology standards and supporting resources to better support online learning. (Learn more about the Accessible Online Learning Community Group.)

Here we'd like to ask current and prospective group members a few questions about your background, interests and views relating to online learning and accessibility. We'll use this as a way to gather initial information on group members' perspectives on current state, priority topics for discussion, and preferred communication channels.

This survey doesn't require that you provide personally identifiable information. All questions are optional, and the data we do gather will only be used for the purposes of developing the group's strategy and activities. We will provide access to the survey responses to AccessLearn Community Group members.

This survey should take only 5-10 minutes to complete, and will really help the group to get started. Thanks in advance for your time!

Dave and Sarah, AccessLearn co-chairs