What this survey is about

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ACC is asking professionals in the housing needs assessor community for their opinions about ACC's home modifications service, so we can make it better.

This survey is open to all assessors working in the home modifications field who'd like to express an opinion about ACC's home modifications service. That includes both assessors who have a contract with ACC and assessors who don't have a contract with ACC but who are working in the field for another party such as a District Health Board.

All responses are anonymous.  It should take about 15 minutes to complete. The survey closes on 22 June 2015

We'll be sharing the results of this survey with the assessor community, via the ocupational therapy profession's magazine OT Insight.  The feedback from assessots will be considered along with feedback from clients & their families/whanau, suppliers, and ACC staff. All responses will feed into a review of what's working well and what needs improving, ahead of an open market tender at the end of the year.