Quiz for Instructor Applicants

Applying for Kids for Camp as an instructor is a two-step process

1. Complete and submit Staff Application
2. View ABCs of ABA instructional video and complete test – Find the video on the Autism Pensacola web site

Autism Pensacola, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

* 1. The A in ABA stands for:

* 2. The ABCs of ABA stands for:

* 3. The four functions of behavior are:

* 4. An antecedent is ____________

* 5. _______ has significant influence on future behavior.

* 6. When decreasing problem behavior you should always teach a ______ behavior.

* 7. ABA is only used with individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

* 8. ABA is aimed only at reducing problem behavior.

* 9. If something stops working, an individual may change their behavior in ways that have worked for them in the past or display new behaviors in order to try to achieve the desired result. This is called ________

* 10. In order to change a behavior, we must know the ________of the behavior.

* 11. To complete your quiz, please give us your best contact information

Kids for Camp is made possible through community partnerships, along with the support of generous people and businesses in the greater Pensacola area. Major Partners of Kids for Camp: The Autism Center of The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Sacred Heart; Escambia County School District; Capstone Adaptive Learning and Therapy Centers. Other partners: FSU-Center for Autism and Related Disabilities; Santa Rosa County School District.