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* 1. Are you a

* 3. Have you ever served children on the SC voucher program?

* 4. When did an ABC quality monitor visit your child care program?

* 5. Who was your ABC Quality Monitor?

* 6. How would you rate your ABC quality monitor(s) on the following:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor
Listened carefully

* 7. Please answer Yes or No

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Did the staff share resources such as websites, contacts, brochures, events, training info etc.?
Were your questions answered to your satisfaction?
Was the visit/call of value to you?

* 8. Have you used our 1-800-763-ABCD number for any of the following?

* 9. Have you heard of any of the following?

  Yes No Somewhat Would like to know more
DSS Child Care website (
ABC Grow Healthy
ABC Quality (
Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)
SC- Voucher (Child Care Voucher Program)
SC-Center for Child Care Career Development (CCCCD)
SC- Child Care Resource & Referral Network (CCR&R)
SC- Program for Infant & Toddler Care (SC PITC)

* 10. In your most recent visit, did you receive an assessment of your program?