For the first time in decades the people of San Francisco have the opportunity to collectively advocate for the public value of the arts through the ballot. This month the possible measures for the November Ballot have been announced, among them is the "Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds," informally known as the Arts and Families Initiative.

ABBA is gauging membership support and understanding of this measure as it is critically connected to the a vibrant bay area creative ecosystem. Even if you do not vote in SF, because of the interconnectedness of the Bay Area, we encourage you to still participate. Details about the initiative can be found on ABBA's website.

*Help us reach our GOAL of 200 Bay Area Arts Practitioners PARTICIPATING in the survey by Friday, July 1, 2016.

**Member Survey: To better understand our membership and knowledge gaps or strengths we are releasing this membership Survey. By completing the Survey you are signing up to ABBA's Community membership level and will be followed up with to complete the membership process. Details on ABBA membership

This survey is estimated to take 2 minutes and includes two sections, (1) Survey on support for the hotel tax ballot measure and (2) About You.

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* 1. I am familiar with the function of the Hotel Tax Fund in San Francisco

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* 2. I am familiar with the function of the San Francisco, Arts Commission, Grants for the Arts, and/or the Cultural Equity Endowment (SFAC)

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* 3. Given the information I have, I support the proposed "Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds" measure

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