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The Austin Area Urban League honors are presented to outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations. These candidates create, embrace, and incorporate equity, diversity, inclusion in their individual and/or organization’s service and support to the residents of the Austin/Central Texas community at a level of excellence with loyalty and integrity.  AAUL Honorees commitment to Equal and Equitable Quality of Life is with held in the highest of regard. 

For each of the 2023 EOD awards below please answer the questions that follow. Please provide:

1. Specific examples or evidence to support the nomination of the candidate.  
2. Any other attributes, achievements, contributions or service that the nominee has demonstrated to support a nomination.
Nominations close September 16, 2023. Self-nomination will be automatically disqualified. 

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* 1. Nominator information - Person making the nomination.

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* 2. Nominee  - Individual/Company/Organization to receive a 2019 AAUL EOD award nomination. 

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* 3. Austin Area Urban League Founders Award: 
Awarded to an individual who has proven through their deeds to exemplify the principles for which the founders of the  Austin Area Urban League stood.

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* 4. Corporate Impact Award:

The ideal corporation has intentionally invested generously in one or more of the following areas:
  • Commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce.
  • Economic Equity and Equality for it clients, customers, and employees. 
  • Exemplifies Corporate Social Responsibility by improving the quality of life for undeserved  and under-represented Austin/Central Texas communities.

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* 5. Whitney M. Young Jr. Community Empowerment Award: 
Whitney M. Young Jr. challenged leaders to tackle the "unfinished task of making a reality of justice and equity." This nominee helps to build bridges between the establishment and disenfranchised  segments of  the Austin/Central Texas community through leadership and professional expertise. The ideal candidate advocates for equitable  opportunities for minorities and all undeserved populations where inequities exist.

Whitney M. Young, Jr. (1921-1971) was the executive director of the National Urban League in the 1960's.

Provide up to 5 specific examples showcasing this candidate's equity brokering and/or advocacy work for the Austin/Central Texas region.

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* 6. Rising Star Award:

The ideal youth candidate demonstrates: 1) The ability to lead by example within their schools and local communities; 2) Participates civically; 3) promotes a positive and healthy lifestyle, and; 4) Shows a commitment to service within the Austin/Central Texas Region.

Verification to be requested post nomination:
  • Community Service Hours
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Co-Curricular activities
  • GPA-Transcript 

Thank you submitting a nomination for the 2023 AAUL EOD Gala Honors.