The goal of the Student Success Equity Intensive is to put your institution’s equity-driven student success priorities at the center and work within and across institutions to accelerate your transformation and close equity gaps for Black, Latinx, Indigenous and low-income students faster and more comprehensively. This experience will be contextualized to your institution, its students, and community. Institutional transformation is an evidence-based continuous improvement process to redesign institutional functions to achieve equitable student outcomes.
This self-assessment tool will help you see where your institution is along a spectrum of readiness for a multi-year transformation initiative to close equity gaps for Black, Latinx, indigenous and low-Income students.  We hope the self-assessment aids in your decision to participate in the Student Success Equity Intensive, we will also utilize this self-assessment on an ongoing basis so that you can see change over time. Please note the self-assessment is a resource, and no matter where your institution is along the spectrum, you are invited to apply for the cohort.
Ideally, the self-assessment should be completed by a cabinet member or presidents’ designee.

At the end of the self-assessment, you will be asked if you are interested in applying for the cohort. If you would like to participate, please register on the application page.  If you choose not to participate at this time, please let us know if you would like to explore some of the other student success programming AASCU offers.