McLean County Area Arts Round Table (AART)


The purpose of this survey is to collect demographic information about the artists in McLean County in order to gain a perspective of the composition of the arts community so that we may better determine how to use our resources.

Though we do ask for personal information, we do so only to establish that individuals are responding to this survey once only. We will not correlate any data directly to any individual. Nor will we use any of this information for commercial purposes or allow it to be used commercially by others. We will provide general demographic breakdowns to others only if it is determined that doing so will benefit the arts community. For example, we may provide data to certain county and city committees to assist them in making budget decisions affecting the arts.

Please complete each question as completely and honestly as you can. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, you may direct them to Joann Goetzinger (jkgoetzi@frontier.com).