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The ArtsCenter is pleased to offer a limited number of year-long scholarships at either 3 or 5 days/wk to families based on financial need according to current federal poverty guidelines. 

Application Guidelines:

  • Priority application period: June 7-July 16.
  • Preference is given to students who wish to attend 5 days/week.
  • Your application will be confirmed by email upon submission however it is not complete until documentation has been sent via email/mail/ drop off (please see instructions below). 
  • Applications will only be processed only after all required documentation is submitted.
  • Applicants will be notified of their award by July 16.
  • We will continue accepting applications after July 16 if funding is still available.
  • All information provided herein is kept confidential for The ArtsCenter's use only and is used solely to determine eligibility
  • Please bear in mind that scholarships are limited and available only to those who express significant financial need.   
  • The ArtsCenter reserves the right to determine criteria for scholarship awards 
  • All AfterSchool scholarships are partial and require financial participation from the family. ($60/month for 3 days/wk & $100/month for 5 days/wk) 
  • In some cases, CHCCS social workers may have resources available to assist with Family Contribution amount.
For our youth scholarships, The ArtsCenter has taken the most current federal poverty guidelines and expanded them so as to increase eligibility. However, meeting these guidelines does not guarantee a scholarship. In addition to income and family size, scholarships are awarded based on the information you provide on this application and the number of requests we receive.

To process your application, please check that your family meets the criteria in the chart below, attach proof of income AND completely fill out the following financial information page.

2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines: 

Family Size and 2020 Federal Yearly Income 185%:

2 = $31,894

3 = $40,182

4 = $48,470

5 = $56,758

6 = $65,046

7 = $73,334

For each additional family member, add $8,288.
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